Trump vs. Clinton – the word on Wall Street

Our Chief US Markets Strategist,Tony Dwyer, discusses the impact of the presidential election on financial markets. As polls show Trump and Clinton neck and neck in the last few days of the race for president, our New York based Chief US Markets Strategist, Tony Dwyer, […]

Trump vs. Clinton – how will the US election affect equity markets?

Our US specialist, Roy Clouse, discusses the impact of the presidential election on financial markets. And he expects to see more volatility as we get closer to polling day. As the clash between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton dominates America in the final month leading […]

What are the three rules of real value investing globally?

Real value investing globally as a long-term investment style Even if other investment styles may do better in the short term, we believe taking a value-based approach to investing will generate superior long-term returns. It’s a point of view we debated at our recent seminar […]

Investment Market Update – October 2016

A season for change? Autumn leaves markets faded Typically, September is a difficult month for equities. It was therefore unsurprising – with most equity indices at or around all-time highs – that markets paused for breath during the month, with the recent rally losing some […]

Fixed income investing

Is the future of investment markets sustainable? Reality or ideology?

 A global debt crisis. Historically low investment yields. The double-whammy of an ongoing population boom and an increasingly ageing society. As the world adapts to a changing social and economic landscape, we consider the effects on the future of investment markets – and the impact […]

Just how secure are dividends?

Dividends offered by the UK’s biggest companies are reaching new highs compared to their earnings. Dividend payout ratio for the FTSE 100 has just passed 70%, meaning over the last year, dividends have been worth more than 70% of those companies’ earnings. The fact that […]