Interest rate cuts and the Bank of England

Bank of England interest rate cut to 0.25% after seven years at 0.5%

As widely predicted, the Bank of England (BoE) reduced the interest rate to 0.25%, after seven years at 0.5%. Although expected, the cut was accompanied by an aggressive reflation package which was aimed at heading off – or at least mitigating – a UK recession later in […]

Top tips for tax relief

Most of us have heard or read about NISA, pension contribution tax relief, capital gains and personal annual allowance, but do we all use them each year? I doubt it – many people don’t maximise opportunities for tax relief. There are too many things to […]

Pension rule changes

Financial planning for retirement. Ageing – the 21st century threat

Perhaps the most important question you can ask yourself today is ‘how prepared financially am I for the future?’ Indeed, a worrying majority of working-age people in the UK are woefully under-prepared when it comes to financial planning for retirement. A situation that can only […]

Emerging Market Olympic Champions

Citius – Altius – Fortius; Faster – Higher – Stronger In the past, the Olympic motto might easily have been used to describe certain emerging markets, whose faster levels of growth, higher rates of return and stronger economic fundamentals were once seen as an antidote […]