Current economic cycle

The current economic cycle – our global investment review and outlook

Our Chief Investment Officer, Michel Perera, presents his quarterly global investment review and outlook, which analyses the macro and financial trends we’ve both encountered and should perhaps expect in the near future. “Economists have eaten humble pie after the UK referendum, as they forecast a […]

UK General Election update

Uncertainty is feared by markets, so we are often told. Well, here is the perfect example of uncertainty: a hung parliament, possible change of leadership in the Conservative Party, an unstable government and unclear direction on the Brexit negotiations. In light of that, it is […]

Chaos in the White House rattles markets?

If there’s one thing that has characterised the Trump presidency, it’s the volatility of his temper and the frequent chaos his pronouncements and actions cause. Who would want to be his press secretary? Normally, Trump’s erratic nature wouldn’t matter too much to markets, because longer-term […]

US expat investing in the UK

100 days – economic indicators trump political volatility

Chief US Market Strategist, Tony Dwyer, said “Historically, the first 100 days signpost what’s supposed to happen, so it was interesting to see that Trump got only a little of what he wanted to accomplish in the first 100 days, yet he had one of […]