Getting into a fix: using bond markets to enhance income

One common investment theme since late 2008 has been the question of how to get a meaningful return on your cash without taking any undue credit risk. Before 2008, bank cash deposits fulfilled this role by offering good absolute levels of return with limited perceived […]

Investment market update: transitioning to new leadership in markets?

As President Trump reaches his milestone 100th day in office and we continue to watch various European elections with interest, our Chief Investment Officer, Michel Perera considers whether there is a changing shift in the global market’s leader board. Trump’s Tax Bill As we write, […]

Global investment markets

Global investment markets – 100 days of the Trump presidency

As we get closer to 100 days of the Trump Presidency markets will start to assess whether the ‘Trump bump’ was worth the hype. No legislation has yet come out of Washington, so global investment markets are still living in expectation. On the other hand, […]

Fixed income investing

Our market review: 40+ days of Trump’s impact on markets

As we digest an extraordinary first 40 days of Trump’s impact on markets, it is clear his victory continues to have a positive influence on risk assets. Equities have continued their rally over the last month, climbing by around 4.0% in the UK and around […]