Investing in China

Investing in China? Why understanding China matters

What do you really know about China? And even if you are not investing in China, why is it important to understand what China is doing? Given the sheer size, scale and development of China, the country has a massive impact on the world’s markets and economies. […]

Victory for Trump – but what does this mean for markets?

The US electorate have spoken and Donald Trump will be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. As we expected, in the event of a victory for Donald Trump, global equity markets are trading lower although some of the earlier losses have […]

Investment Market Update November 2016

It was on an October day in Hastings that one of the most famous events in Anglo-French rivalry took place – and marked a turning point in the history of England. hile technically a Norman rather than French conquest, the effects of 1066 can still […]

Trump vs. Clinton – the word on Wall Street

Our Chief US Markets Strategist,Tony Dwyer, discusses the impact of the presidential election on financial markets. As polls show Trump and Clinton neck and neck in the last few days of the race for president, our New York based Chief US Markets Strategist, Tony Dwyer, […]

Investing in overseas companies: globe trotting

Expand your investment horizons The world’s most successful companies have spent decades – sometimes centuries – building top-quality global franchises. So why limit your investment to companies listed on your national exchange? By investing in overseas companies, for example through a diverse global equity fund, […]

Trump vs. Clinton – how will the US election affect equity markets?

Our US specialist, Roy Clouse, discusses the impact of the presidential election on financial markets. And he expects to see more volatility as we get closer to polling day. As the clash between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton dominates America in the final month leading […]