When should I start planning for retirement?

When you’re 64… Given our increasingly ageing population, and just 14% of people prioritising saving for retirement[i], a national pensions crisis seems inevitable. We consider the facts and figures, and provide some top tips to help you on your way to a comfortable retirement. Burying […]

Five facts about retirement in the 21st century

State pensions are becoming less generous. Traditional employer pensions are falling by the wayside. And there are fewer young people to fund the pensions of our ageing population. Our guest contributor Baroness Ros Altmann, CBE and former Minister of State for the Department for Work […]

Financial planning for a prosperous long-term future

With so many political and economic uncertainties currently affecting all of us, the importance of planning ahead financially has never been more relevant. The UK will have to continue paying for the costs of bailing out the 2008 financial crisis for years to come. This […]


Pensions at a glance

If you’re thinking, ‘But retirement is miles away’ or ‘I haven’t reviewed my pension for a while’ it may be time to consider your options. It’s never too early to start planning ahead or to review your existing pension arrangements. What is a pension? A […]

Pension rule changes

The demystification of EIS and VCTs

Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs) and Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) have always been a grey area for investors. Warned off by the “at your own peril” signs put up by the FCA, many people have been frightened off by the level of risk they would have […]

Pension rule changes

Are there any pension rule changes I need to be aware of?

Pension rule changes and financial planning might not be that exciting a topic – but, let’s face it, we are all mere mortals who are getting older and living older. This stark reality means we need to plan for a long retirement as effectively as […]

The precarious position of pensioners: generating retirement income

Given the stormy economic and political climate, high asset valuations, demographic pressure from an ageing population and widening income inequality, the burgeoning ranks of pensioners in Japan, Europe, China and North America require stable, quality investment yields. If you’re a 65 year old on the brink of […]