Financial planning for a prosperous long-term future

With so many political and economic uncertainties currently affecting all of us, the importance of planning ahead financially has never been more relevant. The UK will have to continue paying for the costs of bailing out the 2008 financial crisis for years to come. This […]

How do prenuptial agreements work?

How do prenuptial agreements work?

You may have previously read our blog about the rising popularity of postnuptial agreements, in the UK. Pre and post nuptial agreements have become a  practical way for savvy couples to agree what would happen to their assets, if they separated. In this article we […]

Making allowances for IHT

The number of families incurring inheritance tax liabilities has more than doubled in the last six years[i]. Yet too few of us are planning to mitigate the amount of IHT our loved ones will be faced with. Here we take a look at how inheritance […]

Investing in the Alternative Investment Market

With our families’ future financial wellbeing always in the back of our minds, we’d all welcome legitimate ways to minimise inheritance tax liability. One such opportunity is investing in the Alternative Investment Market. With a surprising IHT advantage, there’s more to the AIM than meets […]