Pension lifetime allowance 101: what is it?

The pension lifetime allowance (LTA) was cut to just £1 million in the March 2015 budget, effective from April 2016. This latest reduction is the third cut in four years – down from a £1.8 million peak in 2011-12. While the pension lifetime allowance is […]

Education, education, education – funding for private school fees

We all want the best for our children. But how can we address the increasingly difficult issue of funding for private school fees? This article explores the options, and identifies the key considerations when planning for your child’s future. The path is a familiar one. […]

Making allowances for IHT

The number of families incurring inheritance tax liabilities has more than doubled in the last six years[i]. Yet too few of us are planning to mitigate the amount of IHT our loved ones will be faced with. Here we take a look at how inheritance […]

Covering the cost of care homes

End-of-life care costs can see a lifetime’s accumulated wealth whittled away in just a few years. And with 35% of British workers currently believing they will never be able to afford to live in a care home[i], putting a financial plan in place has never […]

Investing in the Alternative Investment Market

With our families’ future financial wellbeing always in the back of our minds, we’d all welcome legitimate ways to minimise inheritance tax liability. One such opportunity is investing in the Alternative Investment Market. With a surprising IHT advantage, there’s more to the AIM than meets […]